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Urban Fantasy Review – Supernaturals Underground – Holly Hook

Urban Fantasy: Vampire Turned At 2 Years Old

Starting with Blood Magic, the Supernaturals Underground by Holly Hock is a fast paced young adult urban fantasy series.  It’s age appropriate for young teens and adults who like the genre.

Alyssa was only two years old when she and her family were attacked by supernatural beings. She had a gene which meant that when she was bitten, she turned into a vampire. Fast forward to high school and Alyssa has to deal with being different at high school while living with a vampire father and going through the same struggles as humans of her age.

So there are new rules to vampires added into this series. First, vampires continue aging into their 20s. The general population is aware that vampires, werewolves, mages and other supernatural beings exist. Do they accept them? Nope, not really. Hence the beginning of a 4 book series of events detailing Alyssa’s change from a vampire hiding in plain sight to a major player in a city full of politics and intrigue.

This urban fantasy is a fast paced urban fantasy about Vampires, mages and werewolves.

The Good Parts of Underground Supernatural

Focus on your thoughts and feelings about the story and the way it was told. You could try answering a couple of the following questions:

Xavier the War Mage became a favorite character.

Xavier is funny and quirky, endearing in his good-guy-ness. He and Alyssa work well together and are very likable. Their story is enjoyable to read and as outside forces drive the story their problems get deeper through the series.


The rapid pace was sometimes a little bit over the top. The need for a breather every once in a while would have been appreciated.

Summary Review

Teenage readers and adults will enjoy this book. It can be a little young sounding for older adults unless you enjoy reading young adult novels. I felt like the pacing keeps your blood going but if you’re more into a slower pace type of book, look elsewhere. Otherwise, a great book!

5 Star YA Urban Fantasy

Holly Hook writes a variety of young adult, or YA fantasy. As of this blog post, her books are listed in Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Read them all. The series continues in book 6 where Janine is front and center as the main character. I won’t reveal why because you need to read the previous books.

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