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New Orleans – Urban Fantasy Inspiration For ‘Dark Priestess’

New Orleans urban fantasy imagine
New Orleans Inpired Dark Priestess Novella

Greetings, fellow daydreamers and night thinkers on this whimsical journey of urban fantasy. Ever been bitten by the muse after one childhood visit and countless nights tumbling down digital rabbit holes? Say hello to my whimsical romance with New Orleans, the unofficial muse for my upcoming tale, ‘Dark Priestess.’

Ah, New Orleans—a realm where the veil between the mundane and the magical is as thin as the icing on a King Cake. Here, every other local appears to be part spirit, part shapeshifter, or part musician, and sometimes a blend of all three. Though I haven’t returned since my younger days, the city’s whimsy has danced through my imagination in a most delightful, consensual tango.

Rewind to my last visit as a wee one—when cotton candy dreams and cootie avoidance were the day’s biggest adventures. Yet, the city’s enchantment seeped into my young mind like a melodic tune drifting through the French Quarter air. Those memories waltzed with years of fervent reading, online folklore forums, and “strictly scholarly” YouTube marathons. Voila! A concoction of ideas for ‘Dark Priestess’ bubbled over.

New Orleans at night
New Orleans at Night by Midjourney

To us writers, some places flirt with our imagination, offering a sandbox of creativity. New Orleans? It’s more like an endless shoreline. A place where my dark priestess could, before brunch mind you, summon spirits in a sun-dappled cemetery, barter with were-gators in the bayou, and join a sorcery soirée in a clandestine jazz bar.

New Orleans magic
New Orleans magic

The mere exploration of the city’s colorful past and lively culture twisted my plotlines into curious shapes and painted my characters with richer shades of emotion (royalties pending, of course). And oh, the local fare—let’s just say my priestess developed a knack for conjuring a magical gumbo that could woo even the sternest supernatural entities.

So, if your heart races at the thought of a world where every cobblestone whispers secrets and every tune holds a hidden spell, keep your eyes peeled for ‘Dark Priestess.’ It’s a tale steeped in the allure of a city as mesmerizing as the stories it kindles. My novella might dwell in fiction, but the magic of New Orleans is as real as the rhythm of a jazz beat. Well, give or take.

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