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Demon Possession Research For My Book

When I began writing my demon possession novel, I didn’t research demon possession. One little trip to a site that included audio from that was supposedly a real demon and I stopped. Yes, I stopped out of fear but still, I have gone back and done some research to see if what I was considering was workable. So I took to researching demons and demon possession. This is a compilation of some of the demon information I found during my research.

Demonology Origins

Everything myth or religion or story or superhero has an origin story. My story has an “origin story” where I must have connected all the dots. It’s like myth and religious beliefs.
You see, in demonology, most demons are fallen angels who rebelled against God. They seek to destroy humans. A demon’s ultimate goal is to lead all humans away from faith and into sin. They want to create death and destruct. Yet, demons do not have power over humans unless the person gives them permission to enter.

What kind of demons are there and what are their powers?

Demons are emotional entities that found in the mind. Demons are the embodiment of negative thoughts, feelings, and desires. These thoughts, feelings and desires are suppressed by society. They place a heavy load on the mind and can reduce the quality of life if left unchecked.
These demons have the ability to feed off of negative emotions. They manifest themselves in people’s lives as anxiety or depression. Demons feed off of these motions. They turn someone who might otherwise be happy into a depressed or anxious person.
“The Bible refers to “demons” in various ways. For example, it uses the Greek word “daimon.” In English, “daimon” means “a spirit or daemon sent to possess a person and make them act against their will.” In these cases, the person who is “possessed” is often described as being “demonized.
But the Bible also uses the word in a different way. Demon refers to people who suffer from mental or emotional conditions. These people cause themselves harm. They behave in ways that are not rational and harmful. For example, by engaging in substance abuse or self-harm) but which they cannot control.
The Bible mentions “souls” and refers to them as being “devils.” “being that causes harm or destruction”, but it is not in reference to a supernatural creature. In English this word translates to:”that which destroys, opposes, or hinders good.”
In historical beliefs, demons are fallen angels. Or angels who rebelled against God and were cast out of Heaven. They were given power over the works of darkness by God. The Bible says that there are three groups of demons: the fallen angels (demons), evil spirits, and unclean spirits.

Fallen Angels

Fallen angel demons are angels that have been cast out of heaven for one reason or another. They can redeem themselves like any other angel. But they often choose to remain in their fallen state and do the bidding of their master, Lucifer.
In the bible, (Eph. 6:16-18) demons are the fallen angels mentioned in Genesis 3:4-5 and Jude 6. They can be good or bad, but they generally follow their own evil desires. They do not care about the welfare of human beings. These demons were cast out of heaven when God created our world.
The most famous fallen angel demon is Lucifer himself. Lucifer was once the most beautiful and powerful angel in heaven. That was before he was cast out for his hubris and prideful ways. Lucifer was the primary villain in Paradise Lost, and also appeared in The Sandman. The Devil is not a single entity, but a collective of fallen angels who served God before they were cast down.

Evil Spirits

Evil spirits are the spirits of evil people. Evil spirits are the spirits that are dark, sinister and with a negative energy. They can bring misfortune, illness and even death to those who dwell in their presence.
There are many tales from different cultures about how these spirits are released. In Buddhism, a spirit is a temporary manifestation of the mind. It arises due to deep-seated craving. Some examples are an anger-driven “spirit of revenge” or a lustful “spirit of lust”. The spirits can be rejected, in which case their hold will weaken and extinguished. Then the old state of mind will return.
“Satan” is a male name which means “the accuser”. The word “satanic” referred to a person who accuses another. Today, the term refers to any mean spirited or malicious person. But it can also refer to the beliefs and practices of occultists. Occultists would use rituals based on magic, sorcery, and demonology.
In various religions and cultures, Satan is both a deity and a symbol of evil. The word “Satan” comes from the Hebrew word meaning “accuser”. In Judaism, the term refers to a person who accuses others of wrongdoing or who acts as an accuser in court. The Hebrew Bible often portrays Satan as an accuser against humans and God.
So, in the book that will follow up the first book, evil spirits will come into play. Although they are not fallen angels, they are completely different from Nicole’s possession in the first book. This book has a working title of “The Demon Outbreak”. I hope to be finished with this book in January 2023.

Unclean Spirits

Unclean spirits is the third group of demons mentioned by the Bible. They are different from Satan, who is a fallen angel. Unclean spirits cause people to experience a feeling of being choked. It also causes uncontrollable shaking, sudden loss of speech, and an altered voice. (These are good ideas for my second book.)
A spirit can possess a person’s body without their knowledge. This is often done through a type of possession called psychic attack. This attack happens when spirits uses the power of suggestion. They make suggestions to persuade someone to act in a certain way that isn’t in line with his or her normal, good will.
In a possession, a spirit may enter an individual’s body. It will attempt to exert control over that person’s thoughts and actions. During spiritual warfare, spirits exert control over a person. It can also happen when the individual is trying to break free from demonic bondage.
Unclean spirits are different from other demonic possessions. They can “haunt” or “possess” a location. Hauntings are believed to be the reason for those experiencing the paranormal phenomena.
This list of demons includes ghosts such as poltergeists, specters, phantoms and apparitions. Many of these are thought to be misleading and malicious spirits. Others are believed to represent a type of entity or spirit. The list is not exhaustive, but it covers the most common types of demons that many people believe in.
And now, I have ideas for another book in the series featuring “unclean spirits”. What will it be about, who can say? Ideas come in flashes or scenes in my mind. I’ll have to explore this further at a later time.

How do people become possessed by a demon?

This is a difficult question to answer. The Bible says that demons can enter into people and make them do things against their will.
But, there are many other theories about how a person might become possessed by a demon. A person may have made a deal with the devil to give up their soul in return for something they want, like money or power. Also, someone involved in black magic or witchcraft could be possessed by demons.
Demons possession can happen variety of ways. That includes entering through the mouth, nose, ears, or even eyes. Another way is through touch by making contact with an object that has been in contact with their victim.
In my book, demon possession takes a different turn. It’s not through a person giving up their soul or through magic. I didn’t even realize that I’d chosen a different path until I looked at that research. Demon possession does not require a “deal” with the demon nor does it require black magic. It just happens. My main character gets possessed by a demon through no fault of her own.
The working title of the first book is “The Demon Within”. I expect to complete this book for release in November 2022. But, be patient, it is my first book and I’m learning a lot along the path with help from some author friends.

What are the symptoms of Demon Possession?

Demons are believed to enter a person’s body through the mouth and take control of their soul. This is the basis for the demonization of mental illness in the medieval period. Demon possession was taken very seriously. People with mental illnesses were often shunned or persecuted for it. Demon possession may result in convulsions, speaking in tongues and vomiting.
A demon is a supernatural being. And is often the cause of unexplained physical, mental or emotional afflictions. A possessed person may experience symptoms like fever, convulsing, and speaking in tongues. Usually, these symptoms are the result of an illness or psychiatric condition.
A common trait among demons is the ability to possess people to cause harm. It is important to understand that demons are not evil themselves. Demons are enslaved their greed. and selfish desires. Demons seek to inflict harm on humans for their own benefit. Human suffering and death are an important part of the demon’s plan.
Demons possess people and animals to torture them, gain power and control over them. They use them as carriers to spread horrible diseases. They also cause bad luck such as natural disasters. The physical effects include black sores, bleeding gums, convulsions, and epilepsy.
A demon has a human host, or a human “vessel”, who is unaware of what is happening from the inside and outside the body. The host then acts as a conduit or gateway for demons. This particular feature is something that I have been folding into the second book, “The Demon Outbreak”. It’s an important part of the book and I hope you will enjoy the book when it’s published.

How do you know if someone is possessed by a demon?

For centuries, people have been wondering how to know if someone is possessed by a demon. The answer, it turns out, is in the eyes. That’s according to an article in The Atlantic which cites a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
Demons are said to affect a person’s behavior. They cause physical changes in the body, and must leave a person’s body at night. Ceremonies may be set up to ward off evil spirits and prevent them from possessing a person. Some sources say that demons can possess a human without the person even realizing it.
They may disguise their presence to make the demon appear like an animal or something else, such as mist. When they take over, the person becomes irrational or violent.
They may also cause physical changes in how humans behave and react. For example, they may be able to cause a person to change shape or attack animals. Some sources say that demons are able to enter and possess a human body without the person knowing it. They may disguise their presence as animal, like mist. When they take over, the possessed person acts irrationally or violently. They may also be able to cause disease.
There is no single way of knowing if someone is possessed by a demon. In the West, demonic possession became widespread in the early Christian church. It is common in medieval Christianity. There are many ancient reports of people exhibiting physical symptoms.
The idea of demon possession was taken from pre-Christian mythology. It blended with ideas about sin, infection, witchcraft, and disease. In the fourth century, a Christian monk living in Sicily named Possidius, wrote a book about demons. In this book, he mentions two types of demons: those that are seen and those unseen.
There are many other possible causes of strange behavior and physical changes.. You have to look at a person’s history and mental health before claiming demon possession.
A person can be possessed by a demon if he or she had a demon exorcism performed in their lifetime. It’s important to note that the demon is not a part of a person, it takes control. When someone becomes possessed by an evil spirit, it takes over and makes them its slave.

Inherited Demon Possession

A person can have the demon if they are related or married to someone who has had an exorcism performed against their spirit. A person can also contract the demon by making an appeal to it. The demon can also travel outside of people. Afterwards it enters into inanimate objects. These objects can be religious items. Things like crucifixes, amulets, statues of saints, and holy water.
Symptoms can range from feeling a presence to experiencing strange events. It can include sounds and smells, to being physically attacked by the demon. Symptoms vary depending on how close the familial relationship to the possessed. For example, when a child inherits the demon due to their parents’ exorcism, they are more likely to only display mild symptoms.
When a person is possessed by an individual who has a higher level of demonic power, they will be more physically active. All their senses will expand, including their sense of smell and hearing. The most common manifestation is a loss of bodily control. This typically manifests itself in violent outbursts or unusual, extreme behavior.
A person has invited a demon to possess them. A person who is in danger, or at risk of death, may decide that it’s worth it to invite a demon to possess them. Demons take over the victim’s body and use their life force for themselves. Theoretically, they can make thier lifespan much longer. But they also rob the host of his/her personality and memories.
A person is unsure if they are haunted by a demon. They might debate on whether to give in to temptation and finally let the demon take over their body. They will no longer have any sort of control over their own destiny.

How do you get rid of a demon possession?

Demon possession is a very serious issue, and a difficult one to get rid of. Possession can be caused by a variety of factors, including anger, abuse and neglect. It is important to recognize the signs that a person may be possessed. Action must be taken before it becomes a bigger problem.
Many people believe that demon possession can be passed from one generation to the next. They believe that when a person dies, the demon that possessed them is released back into the world. If this demon possesses someone in their family, then it may be passed from one generation to the next family member. This would mean that if the person who originally possessed the demon had a son, then their son would be a candidate for possession.


Demons can leave a person during exorcism. Exorcism is the process of expelling demons from a person. It can also expell other supernatural beings. In order for an exorcism to work, it is done by someone who has been given permission or authority by a higher power. The higher power could be a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church, a priest in the Orthodox Church, a shaman in some Native American traditions, a healer or spiritualist. Exorcism is usually done by trained people with experience at performing the ritual. The process can take anywhere from minutes to hours to days.
For a long time, the prevalent method for dealing with possession has been exorcism. This involves the priest performing an elaborate ritual in order to rid the person of demons. ExorcismsI have been taking place since at least 1st century AD. Jesus Christ himself was believed to be able to cast out evil spirits from people. he ritual can includes: reciting prayers, swinging a censer, sprinkling holy water and salt, and making the sign of the cross over the person. The priest will then make three crosses on the forehead and chest of the person. The person is required to face away from the priest. He holds a hand to their head and chest. The priest may place a crucifix on the person’s forehead and make them touch it. The person’s arms may be held by other people.
Other ways to get rid of a demon include the use of an amulet like a crucifix or holy water. The amulet is used to ward off the demon and keep it away from your body. The amulet can be kept on the person so that the demon cannot use their body.
Holy water is an alternative to using the amulet. It is specifically used as an exorcism in order to rid of a demon. The person who is being possessed will be sprinkled with holy water, which can cause the demon to leave. These days, people use psychotherapy or hypnosis instead of exorcisms or spiritual cleansing.


My research was influenced by my preconcieved notions. I combined it with my imagination which coalesced into my current work in progress. I do want to point out that while I may use some of the research in this article.
What do you believe about demon possession? Is it real? Is it a psychosis? What do you think? Let me know.
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