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About Hope Ironsmith

I was gonna write this in third person viewpoint. But that’s kinda weird when you’re talking about yourself. So screw that, I’m just writing about me. I’m Hope Ironsmith.  And guess what, the picture isn’t me. It’s just an image that says in picture form what I liked to read about and write about. Strong women, that’s my favorite urban fantasy trope. Women who are so much stronger than they think they are. Photo by Engin Akyurt

Hope Ironsmith Writing

I’m working on my first novel about a demon possession. Originally it was gonna be a horror but I scared the crap out of myself one night looking up how demon sound. Never do that when it’s 930 at night dark and blustery night. That’s a really bad idea.

So, this turned into an urban fantasy. That’s what I like to read plus a little bit a romance well confession time a lot of romance. I just like to read books that I enjoy. Some of them are very does all the things. Normally I read with female heroines. Wait, email heroines? Yeah I’m working on becoming a writer still.

My Dull Day Job

Anyways, about me. My dull day job is as a software developer. This Hope Ironsmith is a pen name. That’s just the way it has to be. Some of my coworkers do know that I am writing a book. However, my coworkers do not know my pen name. Eventually, they may know my pen name but not right now.

Hope Ironsmith Galloped Racehorses

I used to gallop racehorses. I even broke horses. That was a passion in a previous life. Back when I was younger, thinner, and the ground didn’t hurt. But as you get older, the ground is less bouncy.

How I Spend My Days

So, I spend my days programming stuff for other people. Taking care of my family. And I also do some time writing. Almost forgot, I also like to craft.