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Urban Fantasy Books

Urban Fantasy Books by Hope Ironsmith including The Law of Possession the first series.

I have been a passionate reader of Urban Fantasy books since I was a young girl. I remember reading Anne McCaffrey as a teenager. Her books enthralled me. The genre has been a haven for me in my darkest moments and a savior when life got a little too boring. This inspired me to write my own urban fantasy series. I hope you enjoy them – Hope.


Darkness Within: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure
Darkness Within: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure

Darkness Within Book 1 of The

Law of Possession

I thought my fears were my worst enemy until a voice of a fallen angel resonated within me.

Growing up an orphan, I bounced from home to home within my church community, longing for a simple life free of my phobia of darkness, with hopes of graduating college and joining the police force. But life threw a celestial curveball my way—the fallen angel’s voice promised to help me overcome my fears if I allowed it to take control, to use me to “Punish the Sinners.”

As the celestial possession becomes more apparent, people around me grow concerned, even the guy I like, who now seems more intrigued by the voice than by me. My public conversations with the angelic entity raise eyebrows, making matters worse when two homeless girls are kidnapped right before my eyes. Reporting it to the police backfires, as they suspect I’m high on something or worse, involved in the kidnappings.

Despite my best friend thinking I’m shutting her out, I’m just trying to keep her safe from the divine retribution that follows me. But when I wake up next to a dead girl and freeze some bad guy’s fingers with a touch, it’s clear things have to change. Time is running out, and unless I wrestle control from the fallen angel possessing me, more innocents will suffer.

The police are on my trail, the whispers of divine punishment grow louder, and the clock is ticking both for the kidnapped girls and me. Amidst the urban fantasy turned reality, will I be able to save the girls and myself before time runs out?

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Outbreak of Darkness: An Urban Fantasy by Hope Ironsmith
Outbreak of Darkness: An Urban Fantasy by Hope Ironsmith

Outbreak of Darkness – Book 2 of The Law of Possession

Life was straightforward until a fallen angel took residence within me, thrusting me into a realm where the supernatural was the new reality, and supernatural beings relentlessly vyed for control over the souls of ordinary humans vulnerable to demonic possession.

The fight became personal when my friend Rose was ensnared by a demonic possession, orchestrated by an arch demon. Navigating through a whirlpool of emotions and grappling with my newfound powers, I was hell-bent on saving her. But the narrative took a twist when a former villain from my past, now an unexpected ally, found himself threatened by the same arch demon. Could I put aside old grudges when collaboration became imperative, or would my past cloud my judgment?

The relentless pursuit by the arch demon led us back to our haven where those once possessed sought refuge. Unbeknownst to us, this sanctuary harbored more than meets the eye, holding secrets that could tip the scales in our deadly supernatural standoff.

“Outbreak of Darkness” delves into a riveting urban fantasy realm where human emotions, the redemptive power of alliances, and formidable supernatural adversaries entwine. If tales filled with unexpected camaraderie, otherworldly confrontations, and the profound exploration of forgiveness enthrall you, this narrative is a must-read. But tread cautiously; darkness is ever lurking, awaiting a chance to envelop… Will we be prepared when it does?

Journey through an urban supernatural narrative reminiscent of the captivating storylines in “City of Bones” by Cassandra Clare or “Moon Called” by Patricia Briggs in “Outbreak of Darkness.”

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Additional Urban Fantasy Books and Stories by Hope Ironsmith

Dark Origin: An Urban Fantasy Short Story by Hope Ironsmith
Dark Origin: An Urban Fantasy Short Story by Hope Ironsmith

Dark Origin: A Urban Fantasy Short Story

Riley, an ordinary college student navigating city life, has his reality shattered when he stumbles into an obscured underworld.

His uncles, not just the steadfast guardians they appeared, carry a lineage steeped in arcane mysteries. His mother, locked away in an asylum since his early years, is linked to a chilling incident that has been buried in silence. As these clandestine truths unravel, Riley finds himself at the heart of a supernatural storm.

The dormant past stirs, bringing threats not just from the ethereal but the physical. His father’s kin emerge from their shadowy existence, a notorious biker gang with illicit activities etched into their legacy. They desire to ensnare Riley into the chains of their family business, forcing him to reconcile with a heritage he never wished to know.

Caught in the whirlwind of his uncles’ enigmatic world and the harsh realities of his father’s crime-ridden lineage, Riley must choose. Will he align with his uncles to defy his destined place in the criminal underworld or surrender to the relentless pull of his father’s biker family?

In the gritty backdrop of urban life, a secret fantasy unfolds. Will Riley resist the call of his dark ancestry or get lost in the web of family crime? Join the newsletter to get it free!