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Supernatural Powers – How Would You Cope?

Superpowers in Urban Fantasy

Supernatural powers are a big part of urban fantasy, adding exciting elements to everyday settings. In these stories, characters often discover they have hidden abilities, like moving things with their mind, controlling fire or water, or turning into different animals. These abilities make the characters special and bring unique challenges.

Discovering Supernatural Powers

When characters like Nicole Oakes find out they have supernatural powers, it changes everything. In “Darkness Within,” Nicole discovers her abilities, and it’s a mix of shock, excitement, and fear. She suddenly has amazing abilities but doesn’t know how to control them or what they mean for her future. This is a common theme in urban fantasy—characters learning to handle their new powers while dealing with their regular lives.

Facing Challenges with Supernatural Powers

These abilities bring big challenges. Nicole had to train hard to control her powers, facing tough situations where she worried about hurting others. In “Outbreak of Darkness,” she struggled with self-doubt and the responsibility of having such immense abilities. Stories like Nicole’s show how characters must balance their extraordinary abilities with everyday life and make difficult choices about how to use their powers. The way urban fantasy blends the familiar and the fantastical is part of its appeal, as explained in a guide to urban fantasy on N.P. Martin’s site.

Moral Dilemmas in Urban Fantasy

Having supernatural powers often puts characters in tough moral situations. Nicole had to decide whether to use her abilities for personal gain or for the greater good. She faced the temptation to solve her problems easily with her abilities but knew this could lead to more significant issues. These stories explore how characters navigate these dilemmas, making for exciting and thought-provoking reading. According to a ServiceScape article, these dilemmas often include how the characters interact with both the supernatural and the mundane worlds.

A young woman with supernatural powers training in an urban setting.
A young woman with supernatural powers training in an urban setting.

Impact on Relationships in Urban Fantasy

Supernatural powers can complicate relationships. Nicole found it hard to keep her abilities a secret from her friends and family, leading to misunderstandings and distance. Her journey, especially in “Breaking Darkness,” shows how having abilities can create barriers but also opportunities for growth and stronger connections when secrets are finally revealed. The complex interplay of relationships and power dynamics is a common theme, making the characters’ journeys more relatable and engaging.

Responsibility and Purpose in Urban Fantasy

Characters like Nicole often feel a strong sense of responsibility to use their powers for good. Nicole’s story is about her discovering her purpose and how to use her abilities to help others. This journey is full of self-discovery and learning, showing that having abilities is not just about being special but about making a difference. This sense of duty and the moral implications of wielding power are crucial elements in these narratives, as highlighted in discussions on writing urban fantasy on sites like ServiceScape.


Urban fantasy combines the everyday with the extraordinary, creating exciting and complex stories. Characters like Nicole Oakes bring these tales to life, showing how powers can both empower and complicate their lives. These stories invite readers to think about how they would handle such abilities and the responsibilities that come with them. How would you cope if you suddenly discovered you had supernatural powers?


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