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Urban Fantasy – The Girl in the Box

The Girl in the Box by Robert J. Crane is an urban fantasy set in the United States of America. The series is a whopping 50 books as of this blog post. I  started reading this in April of 2020, right before the pandemic started. I’m 35 books into the series with some breaks to freshen my interests.

The first few books are intense.  Sienna Nealon is thrust from a lock and key childhood to suddenly being alone. Her mother’s gone and she’s being pursued by a psycho named Wolfe. The twists and turns within these novels never stop coming. The entire series is full of enemies new and old. Some of the people she thought were friends turn out to be manipulative enemies.

I found this series when I went looking for something like a superhero series. Yes, I went there for a book. I think I’d just watched one of the Marvel movies. The first book intrigued me. The young heroine’s development through the first 35 books takes you on a roller coaster ride through her personal evolution from a scared confused teenager into adulthood complete with new enemies.

Urban Fantasy with a Twist

This urban fantasy relies on myths and legends turned to life. Seriously, what if Persephone was real? What if Hercules was real? What if all the different dieties and myths you’ve learned were real people? Now, think of this scenario. What if they had children and descendents. People who had strange powers and became the equivalent of “mutants” in our society.
Now let’s add a little drama to the tale. They have different factions and groups working together and against each other with their own goals. Some of them working like gangs. Others working towards policing the other groups. Each with their own agendas.

Let’s add into this mix a little bit of human nature. We’re talking human nature that turns people into messed up individuals with their own psychological problems. This makes for an enduring series of books with endless possibilities. Guess what – Robert J. Crane has been writing this series for over ten years. That’s why he has 50 books in the series. He’s got other books for the series in the works.

These are the things you’ll find in this series. So if you’re looking for a lot of weird plot twists, character growth and a lot of rescues and revenge, you’ll find it all within these books.
Here’s the link to the first book in the series. It is an affiliate link which helps support these reviews and this website.

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